International Thespian Society

Troupe 5358

The International Thespian Society (ITS) is the Educational Theatre Association’s student honorary organization. ITS recognizes the achievements of high school and middle school theatre students. Since 1929, EdTA has inducted more than 2.2 million Thespians into ITS. That number continues to grow, with more than 36,000 students from around the world being inducted each year.


Having a Thespian troupe at Denton High School raises the profile and stature of our Theatre program, making both the school and community aware of the activities and success of our students. Denton High School has a Thespian troupe that is led by our troupe directors—Mr. Tom Stratton and Ms. Kerri Peters. Students earn an invitation to be inducted into the Thespian Society by collecting a minimum of 20 points through performing/teching productions.

How Do I Become A Thespian?

Get involved! The best way to earn thespian points for any department is to get involved with a company's productions. That includes acting, backstage work, and the multitude of other positions that a production requires. Check the Thespian Points tab to see how many points you have, how to earn points, and add points.


Can I Letter in Theatre? 

Yes! Thespians can earn their letterman through the department after they are involved in 5 or more full length  productions. If you have any questions about letter jackets or have enough credits to get one, see Mr. Stratton. 

If you have any further questions about becoming a thespian, The International Thespian Society, or letter jackets, talk to your thespian officers or directors.